Stolf’s Blog 10/4/2010

From the movie “Aliens”…

Bishop: [Bishop is puzzled by Ripley’s reaction towards him] Is there a problem?
Burke: I’m sorry. I don’t know why I didn’t even…Ripley’s last trip out, the syn-…the artificial person malfunctioned.
Ripley: Malfunctioned?
Burke: There were problems and a-a few deaths were involved.
Bishop: I’m shocked. Was it an older model?
Burke: Yeah, the Hyperdine System’s 120-A2.
Bishop: Well, that explains it then. The A2s always were a bit twitchy.

BTW, that A-2 was named Ash. My old word for it used to be squirrely, but now it’s twichy…and this frackin’ hunk of aluminum has been twichin’ like a champ since Friday. But by Sunday…well, you know what they say: WINDOWS…BETCHA CAN’T LOAD IT JUST ONCE!

So… got my new Apple all picked out, best price is from Amazon, no surprise, with free shipping to boot. OK, I know, it’s not really free, they factor all the costs of doing business into the price, but good old-fashioned “post-paid” means they’re being honest and giving you the total price you need to pay them, not breaking it up into little pieces to make it look less. “The easiest buck to make is the honest buck.” By the time you read this I will have hit the ENTER key to seal the deal. But my question is: are all frugal people also cheap? Of course not…but, alas, I am, no use denying it.

B*A*K*E*R*S  D*O*Z*E*N

(1) Final note on that Bills-Niners no-punt game…it’s the only one in NFL history…
10 NFL games have had just 1 punt, the last in 2002, Saints & Niners (they punted.)

(2) Who am I to tell you to stop making fun of the French, but a little history:
when Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown, he sent his sword not to Washington
but to the French forces, whose skill at sieges & naval might turned the tide for us.

(3) I was raggin’ on dish Network, but Direct TV says: LOCK IN YOUR
PRICE FOR ONE YEAR!…but that requires a “24-month agreement”…
so, ya gonna ask about that second year, or just take your chances, hmmm?

(4) Woman: Hold me closer! Groucho: If I held you any closer, I’d be behind you.

(5) Reminds me of Bogie as Philip Marlowe in The Big Sleep…
“She tried to sit in my lap while I was standing up.”

(6) Detroit Lions lose to Packers Sunday…it’s their 23rd
consecutive road loss…the record is 24, set by them, 2001-2003.

(7) Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal, speaking as the average voter:
“Congressman Smith cheated on his wife? That’s her problem…cut my taxes!”

(8) I’m looking at a job at Quiznos…as a temporary sub.

(9) Lawrence of Arabia said: To have news value is to have a tin-can tied to your tail.

(10) Woody Allen once took a speed-reading course and read
“War and Peace” in 20 minutes. He said it was about Russia.

(11) Headline in the paper: ITS NEVER TOO EARLY TO
THINK HOLIDAY SAFETY…so I am…Christmas 2015…

(12) Recent survey said 4% of Americans think Stephen King wrote Moby Dick…
Gilbert Gottfried has a cool routine on how he helped Melville…check it out.

(13) ~~~~ The days are long, the years are short. ~~~~

LeonardWatch…Gouverneur’s Brian Leonard back sooner than expected, if fact he played last week, 3 rushes for 16 yards, 1 catch for 6. Yesterday, 2 catches for 11 yards, but one was a 4th quarter TD to pull Bengals to within 3, but that’s where it ended, losing to Cleveland 23-20.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe they make print ads like they used to.

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