Stolf’s Blog 10/19/2010

It helps to know the local customs…

Tarzan and Jungle Jim were captured by a strange tribe. “You have desecrated our sacred lands” said the Chief, “and now you must choose your punishement. Shall it be Kukuru or Maranga?”

Tarzan said: “Kukuru.” The Chief cried: “He has chosen…Kukuru!” Whereupon 20 natives with clubs beat Tarzan to within an inch of his life. The Chief then turned to Jungle Jim, who, looking at poor Tarzan, said “I choose Maranga.”

The Chief cried: “He has chosen…Maranga! But first…Kukuru!”

B*A*K*E*R*S  D*O*Z*E*N

(1) ~~~~ Old gifts need new thanks. ~~~~

(2) Quote from “Jaws”…
Sheriff Brody: “You’re certifiable, Quint, you know that?”
Quint: “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

(3) That “claw” gesture the Texas Rangers players do…one theory is
it originally represented shining a hand-held spotlight on a good play…

(4) Once again, if you’re new to Stolf’s Blog…”poutine” is a French
Canadian dish, french fries covered with gravy & melted cheese curd…

(5) Chinese saying: The first step to wisdom is to call things by
their right name…(you mean, like Peking?…something like that, yeah…)

(6) If you’ve never slung burgers, bottom bun is called a heel, top bun is a crown.

(7) Then there were the 2 silk worms who got in a race, and ended up in a tie.

(8) Everything I know, I learned from commercials…I’m trying to
make a sentence using the words: brochaco, manhide, and flavorite…

(9)…thanx to Capt. Morgan Rum, Dove Men’s Body Wash, and Subway…

(10) I see one shoe on the side of the road…and imagine there is
a one-legged person somewhere hopping around in their stocking foot.

(11) Use less paper, save the trees…that’s like: Eat less pizza, save the tomatoes.

(12) Those popular 3-color macaroni salads…the “twist”
pasta is rotini, not to be confued with fuselli...rontini has a
“tighter spiral with a shorter pitch,” as Uncle Wiki so aptly puts it…

(13) Brother-in-law Ray’s got a job at the basketball factory…as a bouncer.



OK, I brought it up, so I might as well show you….rotini on right and left, fuselli in the middle, gabeesh?

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