Stolf’s Blog 10/23/2010

Minor League pro hockey arrives in the North Country with the Thousand Islands Privateers, playing at Bonnie Castle in Alex Bay. It’s the first season of the old-fashioned sounding Federal Hockey League. Today’s Poutine-on-a-Stick has info on the 6 teams on the left, from Uncle Wiki…the official FHL stuff is on the right, and needs updating, obviously. Also a team from the Rez…they play on Cornwall Island, I’d even consider going but have no passport. I figure, if it’s that important, they should send me one…I do pay taxes you know!

Anyway, a couple of exhibition games, then the season starts next week. No, the Privateers aren’t owned by Nicole Kidman, I thought that at first too!

And an update on yesterday…I was told gabagoo’ is actually gabagool with an L on the end…yeah, so could that be why I spelled it with an apostrophe after the OO? But listen, thanx, I appreciate the feedback.

B*A*K*E*R*S  D*O*Z*E*N

(1) On YouTube, google up Dragon Illusion… also, 3 dragons, 3D paper dog, origami
moving cubes, tons of DIY illusions. (

(2) “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” by the 5th Estate…the classical piece in
the middle is “Terpsichore Suite” by German composer Michael Praetorius, 1612…

(3) …they were originally the D-Men…google “Just Don’t Care” on Youtube and see
them on Hullabaloo…w/Dionne Warwick as a caged go-go girl…she volunteered to!

(4) I love maps…my favorite US map is one that shows all the counties,
and yes, there are some counties that are larger in area than some states…


(6) I don’t follow college football, so only recently heard about Notre Dame’s “Touchdown Jesus.”

(7) Inconvenient fact: cars cause only 9% of this country’s CO2 output…izzat all? yup…

(8) Mark Vonnegut, son of Kurt, said: Without writers fooling themselves
about what their books might accomplish, there would be no books at all.

(9 ) I like those signs in NYS: “No Trucks with R Permits.”
Good, I didn’t bother to get one!

(10) Melky Cabrera released by Braves…seems like only yesterday:
GOT MELK? was the catch-phrase in the Bronx.

(11)  Technically, I don’t like Holidays cross-pollinating…like red-white-green
“Reindeer Corn” candy for Xmas, and Hallowe’en lights…technically…
but the world is dark enough…fire up the lights!

(12) Those cool Geico commercials just roll on…YOU JACK-WAGON!

(13) I also like the Blonde-in-the-Library for Mercedes-Benz…it’s just a joke, folks…


The Federal Hockey League…hit or miss? It’s up to you. But check out the logo character for the Privateers…an old-tyme pirate complete with hook, peg-leg, and a skate on his one foot!

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