Stolf’s Blog 11/2/2010

My October article from “Fourth Coast Entertainment” is now reprinted at

It’s called “Ask Cool Daddy”…and there’ll be sequels, as it proved quite popular. But to update the question on the Dum Dum pops’ Mystery Flavor…there are 2 prevailing theories: one is that when they change flavors, instead of shutting a machine down, they just run off a bunch of pops with the 2 flavors mixed, until the old flavor is depleted. The other theory is that unwrapped pops on the final assembly line are pulled out, and instead of matching them with their corresponding wrapper, they get a Mystery Flavor wrapper. On its website, Spangler only says the Mystery flavor “continuously changes and is not limited to current flavors,” suggesting they try out new flavors this way.

I traditionally give Dum Dums to trick-or-treaters, and here’s what I found. The bag of 80 I examined had only 14 of the current 16 flavors…Strawberry and Blu [sic] Raspberry weren’t represented. And there were 21 Mystery Flavors, which seemed like an awful lot. I eyeballed, then tasted all the Mystery Flavors, and without exception they were normal flavors, no mixes. Either 1 or 2 of each, EXCEPT for the “missing” Blue Raspberry, of which there were 13! That suggests another explanation: they use the Mystery Flavor wrapper when they’re temporarily out of a regular wrapper, which seems a little snarky to me, but it’s their company, right?

B*A*K*E*R*S  D*O*Z*E*N

(1) BTW, “Traveling Cyst” was a name I came up with in college for our pick-up
rock group…apparently they can do that, altho mine tend to stay where they are.

(2) Have you noticed…Scott toilet paper has gotten smaller…
wonderful…but lemme ask you this; has your butt gotten smaller?

(3) The red/green 3D glasses were used in the 50s for comic books & magazines,
but not movies, where polarized dark lenses were used exclusively…for revivals in 60s
& 70s, these movies were re-processed for the red/green system, which was simpler.

(4) Election Day! Vote early and often! Well, at least once, anyway…

(5) …so listen, but why isn’t Election Day a federal holiday? With no work, wouldn’t
more people get out and exercise their franchise? After all, who wants a flabby franchise?

(6) Jonathan Swift said: Whoever makes 2 ears of corn grow where only one grew
before, does more service to his country than the whole race of politicians put together.

(7) Watch this on Election Day: Denver’s Ballot Initiative 300, which would establish
an Extraterrestrial Affairs Committee, so they’ll “be ready”…the new California?

(8) We are a carbon-based life-form…what else would our footprint be? I’m just sayin’…

(9) As they say in the UK: No matter who you vote for, the government always gets in.

(10) Comedian Dick Gregory said: In Chicago, voting is not a right or a duty, but a sport…

(11) Kashi’s Heart to Heart cereal has a “warm cinnamon” flavor…but it’s a cold cereal,
like puffy Cheerios…does cinnamon taste different when heated up, even when it’s cold?

(12) ~~~ Italian saying: Curses return to from whence they came. ~~~

(13) Will Rogers: We only get to vote on some man…
we never get to vote on what he is to do.


Pict-O-Quiz…name this juvenile delinquent.…give you a clue, it’s 1963.

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