Stolf’s Blog 11/23/2010

With 6 games to go, I see where Seattle sits atop the AFC West with a 5-5 record, on track to become the 10th 8-8 team to make the playoffs. No team with a losing record ever has, except for the 4-5 Browns and Lions in the strike season of 1982. And 2 of those 8-8 teams were division champions…the 85 Browns and the 08 Chargers.

The rest were Wild Cards…90 Saints, 91 Jets, 99 Cowboys & Lions, 04 Rams & Vikes, 06 Giants. But then that’s what can happen when you sub-divide the league into more and more smaller units. For the record, in 1969 the AFL held a one-time-only 4-team playoff, 1st and 2nd teams from the 2 divisions, and the 6-6-2- Broncos made it in from the West.

Re airline grope sessions…I don’t fly anyway, think it’s just too risky period, always has been, so what do I know? If pressed, I’d say it seems to me the heavy petting is overkill, you should pardon the expression. As George Will said in yesterday’s column, wouldn’t driving be safer if we outlawed left-hand turns? I’ve long wondered why crash-helmets aren’t mandated along with seat-belts, and why air-bags aren’t augmented by roll-cages. I mean, you could build cars that weighed 18 tons and nobody, but NOBODY, would die in one. So why don’t we? Back to the grope sessions…it was suggested in jest, but I think it’s an excellent solution albeit a non-PC one: you get felt up by someone of the opposite sex, young and attractive…or would we then need a gay line, too?

LeonardWatch…I only heard his named mentioned a couple times, near the end-zone, but Brian did catch 3 passes for 23 yards. No rushes.

B*A*K*E*R*S    D*O*Z*E*N

(1) If you doubt that The Epiphany, Jan. 6, is the 12th Day of Christmas,
it used to be called Twelfth Day or Twelfth Tide, as well as Old Christmas.

(2) James Russell Lowell said: The only way to win an
argument with an east wind is to put on your overcoat.

(3) National Marbles Tournament has been held every year since 1923…
the 1951 boys winner was Shirley “Windy” Allen of West Virginia…

(4) …compare with Shirley Povich, sportswriter, father of Maury Povich.

(5) Doc: How much do you weigh?
Cool Daddy: I’m not sure.
Doc: More or less…
Cool Daddy: Well, more.

(6)  ~~~   Kindness is difficult to give away…it always comes back.   ~~~

(7)  Rip Sewell invented the Eephus pitch. It’s said that in his career from 1938-1949,
the only home run he gave up off the Eephus was to Ted Williams in 1946 All-Star Game.

(8) Funny English from around the world…sign in the
window of a Barcelona, Spain travel agency: “GO AWAY!”

(IX) Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s…do your Tax Return in roman numerals.

(10) There’s nothing like an adolescent to be helpful & obnoxious at the same time.

(11) Kenosha News headline: Brain Removal Study Finds Few Volunteers.

(12) Writer Edith Wharton: Inkstands and teacups are never as full as when one upsets them.

(13) I love “old sayings” but sometimes I’m not quite sure what they mean…
like “Grass doesn’t grow on a busy street.” Is that good or bad…or what?…


Yesterday’s picture was Sarah Heath, Miss Wasilla, Alaska, today Sarah Palin. Look, let’s be realistic, men are pigs. After all, do women ask: Who do you like better, Fred or Barney? No, of course, not. Sure, among women politicians I have my favorites, and Palin isn’t one of them, what can I say? As your grandfather might have mused: “If everybody like the same thing, they’d all be after your grandmother.” I used to kind of fancy Nancy Pelosi, until I realized her face was glued on. Anyway, Palin always reminded me of Princess Summerfall Winterspring…wachoo think?

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