Stolf’s Blog 12/26/2010

B*A*K*E*R*S  D*O*Z*E*N

(1) Christmas sticks its head up but once a year…but it’s always really there.

(2) Don’t let the title fool you…”Uncle Johnny’s Glass Eye” by Dr. Elmo
is one of the sweetest, most touching Christmas records you’ll ever hear.

(3) Christmas motto: Hosieriae Suspenderatum Vini Vinci Est
translated from the Latin: Hang a stocking and he will come… 😉

(4) To remind yourself what “snazzy” means, take a long careful
look at a 1959 Thunderbird…like they drove on 77 Sunset Strip

(5) …remember who else always drove a T-bird? Paul Drake on Perry Mason.

(6) As a kid, I loved King Kong, Godzilla, Gorgo, all of them…when I
grew up, I wanted to be a member of the Giant Animal Response Team.

(7) Look what I got for Christmas! A Japanese transistor radio…it’s
a Nokashuma…the Mark 4 model….that’s the one that’s discontinued…

(8) Ho! Boing! Ho! Boing! Ho! Boing!…we put a trampoline in the fireplace for Santa.

(9) I never saw a Christmas tree that wasn’t 30 feet tall in the eyes of a child.

(10) Old TV shows contain fossilized language…like, did we really used to call Christmas
ornaments “bulbs”?…Yes! Lucy says it on the Christmas episode of I Love Lucy…so there.

(11) At Christmas, the opening of gifts represents the opening of hearts. Or should…

(12) ~^~ Or as one elf said to another: Small world, isn’t it? ~^~

(13) Rudolph the Brown-Nosed Reindeer…every year he takes Santa for a ride.


Attack of the Mushroom People? No, this is just Kulich, the traditional Russian desert for…oops, its for Easter…never mind…

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