Stolf’s Blog 12/27/2010

OK, Tampa beat Seattle. Earlier the Rams beat the Niners. Had the Niners won, both Seattle and St. Louis would have had records of 6-9, guaranteeing for the first time ever, a division champion would have a losing record. As it stands, the NFC West will be won by either an 8-8 or a 7-9 team. Thus, we could still have the first non-strike playoff team in NFL history with a losing record.

For the record, 9 teams with 8-8 records have made the playoffs, 2 of those division champions. In addition, the 6-6-2 Denver Broncos made the AFL’s first-round in 1969, the only year the AFL playoffs had a 2-round playoff format. In the strike season of 1982, Cleveland and Detroit both made the post-season cut, despite 4-5 records. Break up the Divisions!

LeonardWatch…BL out with an ankle injury…just in time for the Bengals to upset the Chargers…snake-bit.

B*A*K*E*R*S  D*O*Z*E*N

(1) Charlie Brown: It certainly must require a lot of talent to play so
beautifully on such a small piano. Schroeder replies: Yes, especially
when you consider that the black keys are just painted on.

(2) A youngster (well, early 30s) called it “winter plumage”…i.e. gray hair…
never heard that before…& I like it…not a bit offended, I earned every strand.

(3) Victorian author Samuel Butler said: Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for
tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day’s own trouble be sufficient for the day.

(4) …he also said: The oldest books are only just out to those who have not read them.

(5) What looks like sitting there doing nothing is really waiting till the last minute.

(6) Even as a kid I got no respect. One year, a department store Santa peed on me!

(7) Christmases long ago…like the year Grandma got run over by the Mannheim Steamroller.

(8) In the old days, snow didn’t stop the NFL…now the Near-Football League?…

(9) Tom Terrific now has 319 pass attempts w/o an INT…breaking Bernie Kosar’s mark of 308.

(10) Modern-day “stress” is a cause, not an effect. The effect is good old-fashioned unhappiness.

(11) I got 4 Christmas cards from Cool Daddy…the 4th one said: Now I’m caught up…

(12) Coming soon to…Surfer Bird + A + B + C…

(13) The closest I get to an “old family recipe”…to avoid frozen burritos that cook at the
ends but remain frozen in the middle…hack them in half before nuking in the microwave.


Rhodesian Ridgeback bitch in Germany gave birth to 17 pups, some of which are seen here. And they all survived, with feeding help from their human grandparents. It was said that they renewed their subscription to Bild for added absorbency, as the proud father watched on, licking himself because he could.

BTW, Germany’s Bild, literally “picture,” is the largest newspaper in Europe, and 6th highest circulation in the world. It’s style is tabloid but it’s physically a broadsheet. And it’s famous for having pictures of topless women on the front page almost every day, but that’s Europe for you, God bless ’em…

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