Stolf’s Blog 12/31/2010

You may have read or heard that Mr. Anonymous, who works at the US Postal Service, “leaked” the news that starting in 2011, all 1st class stamps will be “forever” stamps, meaning they will always be good for 1st class postage, no matter what the current rate. The current rate of course is what you pay when you buy them. This nameless “official” also says the official announcement will come from the Postmaster General on Jan. 14.

Or so reports the Associated Press. Truth is, the news has been out since the Dec. 16th issue of the Postal Bulletin, which is available on-line. It was immediately reported on postal news websites and blogs. Here’s page 101…

OK, it says “commemorative stamps,” as opposed to standard everyday “definitives,” the smaller-sized stamps that are typically available for several years, until a rate-change. Does this mean there will still be 1st class stamps with numbers on them? The one tiny problem with forever stamps is: how much are they worth? Say you’re combining them with other stamps, and you don’t recall what the current rate is? So you call your local Post Office, or check on-line…you can’t just look at the stamp. But there’s no way around that, until we get “smart stamps” that automatically display the current rate. Still, it’s a small price to pay for the savings…depending on your financial situation and how often you mail letters, you could buy enough postage today to quite literally last you the rest of your life. And in 2030, when it’s $3 an ounce, and you’re paying 44¢…outstanding!

B*A*K*E*R*S    D*O*Z*E*N

(1) For a New Year’s Resolution, Cool Daddy can’t decide between losing weight
and quitting smoking…so he compromised…he’s going to smoke thinner cigarettes.

(2) I think it was Henny Youngman who said: My bank doesn’t
trust me…they’re giving me my calendar one month at a time…

(3) The New Years Eve ball-drop dates back to when many communities would
drop a ball to mark noon each day…this was before lots of people had watches.

(4) …but the difference was, it was noon when the ball started dropping,
not when it landed…this was so ships at harbor could see it…

(5)  And as a new year unfolds, I’m still trying to fold up the old one!

(6)  John Updike: Possession diminishes the perception of value, immediately.

(7) Old Russian saying: Truth may fall ill, but it always gets up from its sickbed.

(8) New Year’s Eve you can let your hair down…
you have the whole rest of the year to gather it back up.

(9) In 1970, journalist James Reston said: The tragedy today in
Washington is the triumph of good manners over honest convictions.

(10) Keep in mind…if a month starts on a Sunday, it has a Friday the 13th in it.

(11) Racism is for people too lazy to dislike others on an individual basis.

(12) John Wayne’s advice: Talk low, talk slow, and don’t say too much.

(13) Or as I said precisely 10 years ago…
“What can you expect from a millennium that starts with getting up in the morning?”


Another idea, again with the snowman and the nose, but in a different direction, interpreted 2 ways…look back to 12/19…

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