Stolf’s Blog 2/11/2011

Pretty cool to see the LeBron-less Cavs losing 26 straight…tying the record for the longest losing streak in any professional team sports…basketball, baseball, hockey, football. Of course, in this age when everything’s a record, they first set the “single season” NBA mark, which was 23…then broke their own “over two seasons” mark of 24…altho their current streak is only over one season, but that’s how they work records these days. Dunno where they stand on home versus road losses, but the current record is 19 at home, Dallas 1993-94…and road, it’s 29, again Dallas 1992-93.

Oops, sorry…that road loss record is over one season…over 2…the real record…its an astounding 43 by the Sacramento Kings, 1990-92. But you know, they’re only talking about major leagues here…seems to me I recall the Salt Lake City Trappers setting some sort of baseball record back in the 80s. Turns out that was 1987, the Pioneer League, but it was for consecutive wins, 29.

The worst losing streak I can find in the minors belongs to the Granite Falls Graniteers of the Class D Western Carolina League. In 1951, their only season, they went 14-96, losing 59 of their last 60, including 33 straight. They finished 57 games out of first place, 26 behind their nearest competitor. Interestingly enough, they signed 3 black players late in the season, the first to play professionally in North Carolina. They went thru 5 managers, and average attendance was around 200 per game.

B*A*K*E*R*S   D*O*Z*E*N

(1) George Carlin predicted: When the oceans dry up, everybody
will find all the stuff they flushed down the toilet years before…

(2) Poet Lord Byron said: I love wisdom more than wisdom loves me.

(3) I once said my favorite word was pindicator, a thing they have
at bowling alleys…my second favorite would be semi-permanent.

(4) Civil War General Philip Sheridan: If I owned
Texas and Hell, I’d live in Hell and rent out Texas.

(5) » » » » Another old favorite: A miss is as good as a mile. « « « «

(6) American writer Austin O’Malley: An Englishman thinks seated…
a Frenchman, standing…an American, pacing…and an Irishman, afterwards.

(7) When your teenagers are embarrassed to be seen with you,
it’s funny that vice versa never occurs to them…

(8) I’ve got a shoe-box full of old postage stamps…
someday gonna get an album and put ’em in…with hinges…
those “crystal mounts” smack too much of “ya wanna live forever?”

(9) In Dean Martin’s Matt Helm movies, he worked for I.C.E.
which stood for Intelligence and Counter Espionage
did it used to be I.A.C.E. but no one could pronounce it?

(10) T-shirt I haven’t seen yet…If You’re Happy & You Know it, Touch my Junk!

(11) Some people think being different merely means looking different…

(12) Flannery O’Connor, when asked if universities
stifle writers: “In my opinion, not enough of them.”

(13) This stupid cold just hangs on…starting writing tonight, had no energy…
but I got a second wind…so what, blogging is good exercise? Who knew…


We all know that a horse crossed with a donkey gives you a mule. But if that horse is an appaloosa, you get one that Festus Hagan used only for special occasions. Speaking of which, back on 1/22 I posted pictures of 3 unusually colored horses, including this whatchamacallit, top picture. Turns out it’s a kind of appaloosa called a “leopard appaloosa”…typical spotting is the one bottom left, but they can run together, as they’re starting to do, bottom right.

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