Stolf’s Blog 3/21/2011

Sure, I’m quick off the mark to criticize what I see as dopey doin’s in the newspaper, but I hope I balance that cranky attitude by giving credit where credit’s due. In this case, the sub-headline caught my eye: Consequences of military action unknown. Well, as to the substance of this editorial, I wouldn’t say the consequences are completely unknown…there are certainly some very credible guesses. But what I was heartened to see was the simple use of the word “unknown,” as apposed to its trendy-shmendy counterpart, “unclear.”

I hate “unclear”…it suggests the writer can’t figure out what’s going on. Is it just unclear to them, or to the experts, or then again, is it something that’s intrinsically unknowable? I would have thought a journalist’s job is to “clear things up,” so it sounds like they’re at best giving up, or at worse not even trying.”Unclear” is thus a “weasel word” that tries to fudge the fact that “we don’t know.” Try thinking “they don’t know” every time you see “unclear” and you start to wonder why you’re buying this paper.

Of course, as I’ve highlighted in the second column, they are “unclear.” This is the result of the fact that generally, the person writing the editorial, report, or column does not write the headline…the composer does that. Still and all, kudos to somebody, sez me.

BTW…have you been following the “real-life” adventure of the Red Rascal in Doonesbury? When Trudeau set up this plot-line a while back, I had a this-is-gonna-be-good moment, and I have to say he hasn’t let me down. That he can be so at the top of his game after all these years is remarkable. But did you really think somebody in the strip was actually gonna die…and so soon after Mike’s mother? Hoo-ha!

B*A*K*E*R*S  D*O*Z*E*N

(1) As the beaver remarked, It’s one dam thing after another…

(2) I wish I could remember who said: She was ravishing in everything but beauty.

(3) Mark Twain on writing: Don’t say the old lady screamed. Bring her on and let her scream.

(4) > > > Samuel Johnson said: Shame arises from fear, nothing more. < < <

(5) It’s a nice coincidence that the unthinkable…is seldom thought of.

(6) Cool Daddy is working on a theory…that monogamy is airborne…

(7) I honestly think I’d watch more TV if I had a trusty TV Guide at my side…
the fat little stuffed magazine, not the cheesy People wannabe they put out today.

(8) Henry Kissinger said: Insolence is the armor of the weak.

(9) …compare with Eric Hoffer: Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.

(10) »  »  »  Hoffer also said: A man by himself is in bad company.  «  «  «

(11) Ever notice…the willing volunteer is never depressed.

(12) Look! A monolith! Wait, there’s 2 of them… stereoliths!

(13) Ogden Nash Poetry Corner...
God in His wisdom made the fly…and then forgot to tell us why.



Lady down the street said she only needed one team to fill out her Brackett (M.D./F.A.C.S.)…I’m hip…

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