Math Alert!

Let’s do the math…their way…

2009 = 50th season
2010 = 51st season
2011 = 53rd season

So did they skip a season? Or is Jaegun Lee just better at adding and subtracting than Lori Shull? Gold Star for JL!!!!

1st season was 1959….current year minus 1959 does not give the number of the season! Try the 2nd season…1960 minus 1959 = 1…the 2nd season was the 1st season? Um, no. So it’s current season minus 1959 plus 1…this works for everything, not just the Seaway. And remember, the number of the anniversary is one less than the number of the season. Why? Because the 1st season wasn’t the 1st anniversary. The 2nd season was the 1st anniversary. Check with Jaegun Lee…

AND YET…there seems to be some doubt at the Watertown Times’ sister publication. For the record, the 1st season…and that’s official season without the quotation marks…ran April 25 to Dec. 3, 1959. Some think the 1st season wasn’t a full season since the dedication was on June 26, but it certainly was. Anyway, thanks for my LOL of the day…

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