Stolf’s Blog 3/24/2011

Shows you how far behind the times I am. On Live! With Regis & Kelly, they’re showing memorable clips…like a TV chef routine where she’s Paula Dean and he’s Angry Chef from Hell. Actually, a funny routine…except that every 5th word out of Regis’ mouth is an F-bomb. Of course, they bleep it, but not enough so you can’t tell. And I think they said this clip was from 2008? Does remind me of a t-shirt I imagined many moons ago…it’s DIY…get the picture?

B*A*K*E*R*S  D*O*Z*E*N

(1) I looked at my face in the mirror…and wondered: Is that a new crag?

(2) Out behind the Alumni Gym, an Assistant Professor was facing
the firing squad…you know what they say, publish or perish…

(3) Or as Comet said to Dasher: For a kindly old man, he’s mighty quick with the whip.

(4) I still remember when my Dad asked me: You aren’t spitting in the
goldfish bowl, are you? And I replied: No…but I’m coming pretty close.

(5) It never hurts to try…like if they catch you
taking fish out of season, claim it was self-defense.

(6) > > > Sometimes, a “happy ending” means you’re glad it’s over. < < <

(7) Cool Daddy snores so loud he wakes himself up…so now he sleeps in the next room.

(8) I don’t follow basketball very much…but I was watching an
old war movie…and “point guard” was originally a military term.

(9) 1956…when socks were socks…see today’s Deep-Fried Hoodsie Cups 4 more.

(10) »  »  »  »  » To live, you must forgive. «  «  « «  «

(11) Samuel Johnson said: It is fine to be idle or solitary…but not both.

(12) …he also said: People have great potential, if caught young…

(13) I suppose it’s flat-out ignorance on my part,
but I haven’t the foggiest notion where the nearest abyss is.


Queen of the Nile, queen of our hearts…R. I. P.

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