Stolf’s Blog 3/29/2011

OMG has arrived, I guess. It’s now listed in the Oxford English Dictionary. And on March 25th, the Wall Street Journal used it in the headline of an editorial decrying Andy Griffith’s shilling for ObamaCare. Pay at the pump.

B*A*K*E*R*S  D*O*Z*E*N

(1) Why George Washington is shown standing up crossing the
Delaware…every time he sat down, somebody handed him an oar.

(2) Steven Wright wonders: How much deeper would the
oceans be if they didn’t have sponges growing in them?

(3) Johnny Mercer said: Don’t mess with Mr. In-between…

(4) We kicked Cool Daddy out of our March Madness pool
after we caught him peeking at God’s brackets…

(5) > > > The sky is falling…or maybe it’s just the Sun rising. < < <

(6) Jack Paar said: I am almost as fond of Steve Allen as he is.

(7) …on the other hand, Steve Allen said: Smock! Smock!

(8) According to author Joseph Heller, his Catch 22 is this:
They have a right to do anything we can’t stop them from doing…

(9) When you point a finger, your other three are pointing at you…

(10)   Bette Midler said: After 30, the body has a mind of its own.

(11) Much of what passes for liberal thinking today
consists in proving that nothing is ever anybody’s fault.

(12) Summer fun: install your air-conditioner in backwards…
it’ll sure confuse the heck out of the weather-man…

(13) One of the thinnest lines there is, is between fact and truth.


Sure enough…I can’t see the forest…

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