Stolf’s Blog 4/18/2011

I’ve always been of the opinion that funny is funny, period. And I’ve demonstrated this over the years by telling someone a joke “they weren’t supposed to laugh at,” due its it’s supposedly offensive nature. Without exception of course, they have laughed in spite of themselves. Jokes can be cruel, it’s true. But one of the first things that I picked up on as a callow yoot’ was this: don’t take yourself so seriously…laugh at your self, make yourself the butt of your own witty observations, and soon you can branch out and skewer others around you, to the mutual delight of all, including the skeweree.

And if you’re in the public eye, you have a big day-glo target painted on your back for all eternity. Why fight it? I’m thinking of a clip I saw the other day of David Letterman. He was explaining about that ground collision between 2 jets at JFK last Monday. The larger one is taxiing along, then knocks the smaller one and spins it around. Lettermen was physically demonstrating which plane was where, how they collided, which plane went which way…then he stopped and said: No, wait…that was Kirstie Alley on Dancing with the Stars. Yes, I laughed, couldn’t help it.

If you don’t laugh, you cry. Nuff said.

B*A*K*E*R*S   D*O*Z*E*N

(1) I wasn’t feeling very well, and looked it…the lady down the street saw me
and said she was going to make a death threat, but guessed she was too late…

(2) Victor Hugo said: If you would civilize a man, begin with his grandmother.

(3) She said she couldn’t go out with me…that she
was going to be busy putting toothpaste back in the tube.

(4) I love it when the weatherman on the radio has a cold…
Today’s gonna be brish and clousy, with shrizzles…

(5) Kin Hubbard opined: Some people pay a compliment as if they expected a receipt.

(6) > > > Since when did Common Sense…become so uncommon? < < <

(7) The key to writing your autobiography is talk about everyone but yourself…

(8) >> >> >> Still true: The road to hell is paved with good intentions. << << <<

(9) I asked Cool Daddy when was the latest he ever got back from a night
on the town…he recalled the New Year’s Eve party of 1987…it was March…

(10) Yesterday I signed 50 autographs…if you want, you can have them all!

(11) »  »  » History repeats itself, and historians repeat each other. «  «  «

(12) Saw a rare photograph of Houdini just after he locked his keys in this car.

(13) A British poet you never heard of said: People only speak ill
of themselves when there’s a good chance they’ll be contradicted…


Got a Batman Special today over at my other blog….bat-click here:   Bat Stolf    This panel is from Mary Perkins, On Stage…one of many strips to jump on the Batwagon…well, at least this one had a bat-excuse, being about show business after all…

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