Stolf’s Blog 4/20/2011

If You-Know-What and the other ones must be called the “Winter Holidays,” then I guess in all fairness what’s upon us now must be the “Spring Holidays.” And here’s an interesting question: Is there such a thing as kosher pet food? The easy answer is yes, there is. The harder one is, does pet food in fact have to be kosher?

It’s not nice to make fun of other people’s religions, so I’m going to try to the the needle here. There appear to be as many opinions in Judaism as there as rules, and there are a lot of rules. One thing must be kept in mind: what’s kosher for the rest of the year may not be kosher for Passover, depending on which rules you follow. That being said, the broader question boils down to this: Are the laws of kosher meant to apply only to food that humans actually consume, or do the rules also cover foodstuffs which humans do not as a matter of fact consume, but which they still derive some benefit from. In this context, your beloved cat or dog not starving to death would be considered a benefit. So that’s where the bone (you should pardon the expression) of contention lies.

I’m reminded of the 2 Jews who were stranded on a desert island..after 6 months there were 3 synagogues. (For those who don’t get it: they each formed their own…then one of them split off…)

BTW…I was asked how my experiment with refilling ink cartridges for my printer is working out. Well, no news is good news. There’s a certain periodic cycle as to when the colors run out, but once you’re in the routine, you’re golden…and it seems as if those bottles of ink will last forever. Sure better than a new one every week, boy…

B*A*K*E*R*S  D*O*Z*E*N

(1) Interesting coincidence…leave the accent off lamé and what do you get?

(2) Most politicians would admit…since the media reports
everything they do and say, you ought not to believe the media.

(3) It happens…you hear yourself talking to your children in the same exact
way your parents talked to you…and you wish it was deja vu, but it isn’t…

(4) Cool Daddy doesn’t know apathy from ignorance, and doesn’t care…

(5) Wise men learn from the mistakes of others…fools, not even from their own.

(6) > > > Crime doesn’t pay…well, not as good as politics, anyway. < < <

(7) It’s been said: If you only have one idea in your head, it’s probably wrong.

(8) It’s also been said: All human relationships are a form
of commerce…they end when one party runs out of goods…

(9) Middle-of-the-road? Yeah, but whose road?
Most of the time I feel like middle-of-the-highway…

(10)  » »  All this fuss over sea salt…me, I prefer land salt . «  «

(11) …saw one product advertised with Pacific Sea Salt…
what’ll be next is North Pacific Sea Salt, you just watch…

(12) In love, you see half with the eye and half
with the heart…to this end, moonlight is a big help.

(13) Great idea…Dick Van Dyke (85) and brother Jerry (79)
are currently on stage in The Sunshine Boys…movie! movie!


One of these rooks is the fastest pitcher who ever pitched…find out which at today’s Deep Fried Hoodsie Cups,  link at right under Blogroll

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