Stolf’s Blog 4/22/2011

Give me back my gluten! Got a nasty little surprise, opening a box of Rice Chex….not only were they shaped smaller, and colored darker than I remembered, but they tasted funny. Heavier, less like rice, almost bitter. In fact, they reminded me of “store brand” imitation rice chex. I checked the box: Gluten Free! it screamed like this was the 2nd coming or something. Screw that. No more Rice Chex for me. Another favorite bites the dust. Gone to live with Zwiebacks and Pilot Crackers…


(1) There’s nothing good on TV anymore…I checked the on-screen
listings and took a chance on something called No Details Available

(2) Cool Daddy thinks his wife’s opinion of herself is refreshing…
in this day and age, when so many people don’t believe in God at all…

(3) If you’re not part of the solution, or part of the problem, then it’s none of your business.

(4) Attributed to Ed Wynn: A comic says funny things, a comedian says things funny.

(5) …to which Don Rickles might respond: What does a hockey puck say?

(6)  >> >> >> PUT IT WHERE YOU NEED IT! << << <<

(7) That Kiki Dee song from yesterday was “Yesterday Can’t Hurt Me”…
“If Hollywood don’t want me, maybe it’s for my own good…”

(8) Someone you never heard of said: You should
be fit for the best of society…and stay clear of it…

(9) I can’t help but come back to this inconvenient truth: If Al Gore
had won his home state of Tennessee, he wouldn’t have needed Florida.

(10)  No one can see the resemblance between Superman and
Clark Kent…seems like he’s the only one who doesn’t need glasses.

(11) Henny Youngman said: You don’t know what real
happiness is until you’re married…and then it’s too late…

(12) …he also said: I’ve got 2 wonderful children…2 out of 5 ain’t bad…

(13) One good thing about the Red Sox’ slow start…the Nation
appreciates each and every win a lot more…well, for now anyway.


The Code of Flag Etiquette isn’t followed as it was back in the day. What it boils down to is this: Is something with a flag pattern or design to be treated as if it were an actual flag? And to answer my own question, the consensus today is that it is not. Thus it is considered patriotic, and not disrespectful, to eat off it, wipe your nose with it, or sit on it…so I guess that’s pretty much that, pending further developments…

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