Stolf’s Blog 4/25/2011

I wonder how life might have been different if, when we were growing up, vanilla was colored purple or turquoise instead of white…

B*A*K*E*R*S   D*O*Z*E*N

(1) They call me the Love Magnet…one end attracts, the other repels…

(2) Whether you say yes or no, it’s always nice to be asked…

(3) Ken Kesey’s way with words: He was the small end of nothing whittled to a point.

(4) Cool Daddy is going to live on Mars…he says he needs a lot of boxes…

(5) Quarrels don’t last nearly as long when only one party is at fault…

(6) »  »  Satchel Paige advised: The social ramble ain’t restful… «  «

(7)  At my age, cross-country skiing is only if you live in a narrow country…

(8) The 3 main topics of interest at a college or university:
for students, sex…for alumni, athletics…for the faculty, parking…

(9) French writer de la Rouchefoucauld said: It is easier to be wise for
others than for ourselves…To which I add: This is why we need a Village.

(10)  It’s just one of those days…I feel like I’m in parentheses…

(11) Henry Kissinger remarked: A lot of people tell me I look like Henry Kissinger.

(12) George Burns opined: It’s a shame that the people who know
how to run the country are too busy driving taxi-cabs and cutting hair…

(13) Is it me, or does the Future seem to be coming sooner and sooner?


They couldn’t decide on a black dog or spotted dog, so they compromised….(BTW, this is an American Hairless…)

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