Stolf’s Blog 5/13/2011

Rochester goes into a sporting goods store to buy a birthday present for Jack Benny…the clerk is Frank Nelson…

Clerk: What sort of activity does the gentleman enjoy?
Roch: Well, I dunno…
Clerk: Does he hunt?
Roch: No.
Clerk: Does he fish?
Roch: No.
Clerk: Does he like golf, boating, tennis, bowling?
Roch: No.
Clerk: How about snokeling?
Roch Snorkeling?
Roch: No.
Clerk: Softball, sky-diving, skiing, kayaking?
Roch: No.
Clerk: Raquetball, ice-skating, archery, billiards?
Roch: No.
Clerk: Well, there isn’t very much left.
Roch: THAT’S HIM!!

B*A*K*E*R*S   D*O*Z*E*N

(1) There’s a very fine line between “getting used to” and “getting tired of.”

(2) You Might Be A Baby Boomer If…you and your spouse only
“do it” on birthdays…and you wished you still celebrated them.

(3) Woody Allen wondered: Why are days numbered and not, say, lettered?

(4) Steve Allen said: A rational society wants
a teacher as its President, not a cheerleader…

(5) Fred Allen opined: I can’t understand why someone would take
a year to write a novel when you can easily buy one for a few dollars.

(6) …and there’s no Alan Allen…altho there was a Glen Glenn…
his company did the sound recording for TV shows in the 50s & 60s…

(7) ||||||\\\\\\||||||\\\\\\||||||\\\\\\||||||
…do you see green or blue alternating with black?

(8) My camera was always running out of film…
now my digital camera runs out of dige’s…

(9) Cool Daddy tried something called the “Naked Workout”…
you get naked…and see if anything works out…

(10) BTW…here at Stolf’s Blog, we don’t mind if you smoke…

(11) Time to Diet #29…at the morning meeting
there’s a pie-chart…and you ask for a slice…

(12) Whatever happened to Conan O’Brien’s big sister Red Sonja?

(13) A Rabbit’s Tale: I dunno what almost got me…it might
have been an SUV…or a really big owl…or 20 owls flying
all close together…but it didn’t get me, so who cares?…


An open comment to the yucksters: OK, it’s their religion, and I admit it’s kind of weird, but it’s nothing to make fun of. Live and let live. It’s what they believe. I understand that making fun of other people’s beliefs is what YOU believe in, but that just makes you a jerk…and if you thought about it, you’d probably realize it…

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