Stolf’s Blog 6/5/2011


B*A*K*E*R*S   D*O*Z*E*N

(1) It has been said that wit, no matter how
good-natured, needs a barb, or it won’t stick.

(2) He told his blind date: I’ll be the one driving the
Mercedes, wearing a Rolex…she never showed…
when he got home, his place had been robbed…

(3) We have a compact with our government,…
we say whatever we like…and they do whatever they like.

(4) It was fairly unusual…a pirate with a wooden leg & a real foot.

(5) Ronald Reagan said: Republicans think every day
is July 4…Democrats think every day is April 15th…

(6) …he also noted: Everyone who’s
in favor of abortion has already been born.

(7) I went to a verrrrrrry small school…the quad only had 3 sides…

(8) I could never get my pickup lines right…
I’d say like: Do you live around here often?…

(9)  »  »  Mario Puzo wrote: Free competition is wasteful.  «  «

(10) The lawyers are still trying to sort it out…turns out
Disney owns Ted Turner…and Ted Turner owns Disney.

(11) > > > > UNITY is not the same as UNIFORMITY… < < < <

(12) As Cool Daddy always says: Lou Gehrig
died of Lou Gehrig’s disease…what are the odds?

(13) The only trouble with owning an ant farm is
you get eye strain from the artificial insemination…


Not for nothing, but you never noticed what choice gams Mary Poppins had…well, I did, but that’s just me…

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