Stolf’s Blog 7/4/2011

B*A*K*E*R*S   D*O*Z*E*N

(1) It’s not the size of the flashlight, but where you point it..

(2) Mark Twain: We are seldom able to see an opportunity until it ceases to be one.

(3) Peter Ustinov: My friends don’t really like me…they just got there first.

(4) From the mountain-top of Death, all things look small…

(5) Zsa Zsa Gabor: What do I know about sex? I was always married…

(6) Cool Daddy knows this cute dental hygienist…
before an appointment, he’ll eat a whole box of Oreos…

(7) Tennessee Williams: It’s good for a writer to think he’s dying…he works harder.

(8) How dull is he? His favorite part of a candy cane is the white…

(9)  >>>>  Don’t steam me, Alice, ’cause I’m already steamed…  <<<<

(10)  Shakespeare, from Hamlet: They have a plentiful lack of wit.

(11) Henny Youngman: With women, he’s frank and
earnest…in Fresno he’s Frank…in Chicago he’s Ernest…

(12) One of my all-time favorites was an ad for a Hallowe’en
decoration that described it as “a life-sized ghost”…life?

(13) Oscar Wilde said: When you have the winning hand, play fair…


Whozzis? Earring or no, he used to be famous, as I recalls…

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