Stolf’s Blog 8/9/2011

Update on Grandfather Fly…he refuses to vacate the premise, despite ample opportunities. I’ll thinking of getting a tiny leash, so I can at least take him for walks…

But listen…is it true that flies really eat, um, well, crap? Technically, no. What they’re actually doing is consuming the bacteria on the, as you said, crap. In effect, they’re disinfecting in, strange as that sounds. Ain’t nature grand? You don’t have to answer right away…

B*A*K*E*R*S   D*O*Z*E*N

(1) From Sanford & Son…Rollo is helping Lamont pick out an engagement ring…
Rollo to clerk: You tryin’ to get smart with me, Pops?
Frank Nelson: Oh no, sir…then we’d have nothing in common!

(2) …BTW, his Yeeeeeessss! catch-phrase originated on radio…
it’s really something when you can get a laugh with just one word…

(3) Few people give something away they themselves can use…unless it’s advice…

(4) I don’t think I had ever actually heard Vin Scully call a ballgame
until last night on the MLB channel…man, he’s annoying!!!!

(5) The main purpose of a newspaper is help you forget what was in yesterday’s.

(6) >>> When some folks take a vacation, everybody gets a rest… <<<

(7) In a bookstore, George Carlin asked the clerk where the self-help
section was…she said if she told him, that would defeat the purpose…

(8) Novelist Thomas Hardy described patience as one part courage & one part timidity…

(9) Watching a ballgame in high definition is a trip…now that’s Big League SWEAT!

(10) Taking up golf to learn self-control is good…better yet, try caddying…

(11) You’re not a fool when you do something foolish,  only if the folly of it escapes you.

(12) When you look at the prices of things today, you
realize that the year 1995 didn’t just sound like a bargain.

(13) Instead of an award, I’d be content with a list of all
the famous, successful people who never got one…


The attempt of the Archie Comics line to cash in on the Super Hero craze was pretty lackluster…remember the Mighty Crusaders? The Shield, the Web, Hangman, Black Hood, the Comet, bunch of others. Altho I always thought that the Fly, later renamed Flyman, always managed to be just idiotic enough to be entertaining…

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