Stolf’s Blog 8/11/2011

Los Angeles is apparently mounting its most serious effort to date to return NFL football to the nation’s 2nd largest market. Here’s the tale of the tape, by the numbers…

17…Number of seasons they will have been without a team, when the 2011 season gets under way. After the 1994 season, the Los Angeles Raiders moved back to Oakland, and the Anaheim Rams ended a 15-year squat in Disneyville by shuffling off to St. Louis.

1.35 billion…Expected cost of the new downtown facility…sticker-shock, anyone? At least it’s not in the trillions…

72,000…Proposed seating…the Colosseum can hold over 93,000.

2016…Projected earliest occupancy…they say it’ll take 30 months to put ‘er up.

5…Number of current teams they’ve talked to so far about moving in, since the NFL has no plans to expand beyond the current 32 teams…but could that change in 5 years? And those would be the Vikings, Chargers, Raiders, Jaguars, and Rams. Fan preference seems to be for the Rams, not surprisingly, and that’d be my pick too. The Bills? Don’t even think about it.

In another sport, how about a walk-off pick-off? The Angels turned that trick on the Yankees in Tuesday night’s 6-4 win…video available at the Los Anaheim [sic] website and Yahoo Sports also, with Angela Sun. With runners at the corners, rookie closer Jordan Walden twice faked throws to third. Who does that 3 times, right? He does, and he juked Curtis Granderson to end the game. Priceless…

B*A*K*E*R*S  D*O*Z*E*N

(1) Boy, do I get no respect…I smile in the mirror and don’t get a smile back!

(2) So does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the
bedpost overnight?…you never got back to me on that…

(3) Breaking news: AMISH VOTE TO ADMIT ROBOTS…psych!

(4) Bella Abzug once said: All of the men on my staff can type…

(5) Memo to Tim Wakefield: In 1978, it took Steve Carlton 7 starts
to get his 200th win…The Ageless One is currently sitting on 4…

(6) In his comic strip, Ziggy once said: On the weekends, I get 2 days older.

(7)  You Might Be a Baby Boomer If… the safety officer of your local
police department taught you to ride your bikes “single file, Indian style…”

(8) Saw this recently: Retro is back!…Well, if they meant they were into nostalgia
big time, then got tired of it and stopped, but are now starting up again, yeah, OK…

(9) Sure, S&H Green Stamps got all the publicity, but there were others, too…

(10) Some people are like cats…they’re inquisitive, but hate to admit it.

(11) E.B. White said: A good farmer needs an equally good sense of humus.

(12)  >>>> Herbert Hoover opined: All men are equal before fish. <<<<

(13) The Hulk came from a broken home…in fact, he broke it himself…


Can they say that? Apparently so…done and done. Another case of: Mom, it was only a photo shoot! I have to make a living, after all. And Mom says: No you don’t…

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