Stolf’s Blog 9/7/2011

Is the Golden Age of Batter’s Strike Outs winding down? Maybe, maybe not. A very interesting synopsis is available here  K K K K

To update…Mark Reynolds has come alive, passing Adam Dunn for 2nd place, and is challenging Drew Stubbs for the 2011 title. In the past 3 weeks, Reynolds has whiffed 31 times to Stubbs” still respectable 26. Dunn only fanned 12 times over that stretch, but with a .162 batting average, he’s playing less, understandably (more on that tomorrow, this same space…)

Now “pace” is a quirky thing…back in the 2rd week of July (as referenced above), Stubbs was waving at a rate that would have given him 210 for the season, joining Reynolds as the only Major Leaguers to strike out 200 times in a season. 3 weeks ago, his pace was for 211…last week, up to 214….now back to 211…so it can get streaky. Combined with Reds’ compadre Jay Bruce, their 322 K’s give them an outside chance of topping the record for 2 teammates….which is 383, set last year by Arizona’s Reynolds (211) and Adam LaRoche (172).

The other side of it is Dunn’s race to become the 8th player (by my humble count) in MLB history with a SO Average (SO ÷ AB) over .400 (minimum 100 SO.) For much of the season, it looked like he’d break the record, which is .437…Melvin Nieves’ 157/359, Detroit, 1997. Now he’s tailing off…still, if his season ended yesterday, he would rank 3rd all-time.

Thus, it seems every year in September I grab a piece of graph paper and chart some stat or other on a daily basis thru to the end…such is the fate of a Figure Filbert ( = Stat Nut)…mind you, I’m not complaining…nope, not me…

B*A*K*E*R*S   D*O*Z*E*N

(1) Cool Daddy isn’t so hard to get along with…turns out his way is the highway…

(2) From A. A. Milne: Did you ever stop to think…then forget to start again?

(3) The Most Interesting Man In the World…his genes receive regular updates…

(4) …and when they determine a new rule of thumb, guess whose thumb they use?…

(5) …but then, you can’t really envy him…I mean, he has leather skin…

(6) Jane and Peter Fonda’s mother is buried in Ogdensburg, NY…
she was born in Brockville, Ontario, her father from Ogdensburg…
she committed suicide in 1950, when Jane was 12 years old…

(7) …Jane is the 17G granddaughter of King Edward III (1312-1377)…no brag, just fact.

(8) Some astro-biologists believe DNA is to be found everywhere
in the universe…of course, they’d spell it different, obviously…

(9) Humans have lots of holidays…animals have only one…its called Today Day…

(10) Bob Hope: Middle age is when your age starts to show around your middle.

(11) Black Like…William Shatner?…it was weird…
he work up one morning, looked in the mirror…yikes!

(12) Spinal Tap quote: Nobody plays guitar like Nigel…nobody even tries…

(13) Reminds me of that Briticism:
Why was she born so beautiful?
Why was she born at all?


I’d like to say that I always liked Jerry Lewis, but that simply isn’t so. As a teenager, whilst gobbling up Johnny Carson, Steve Allen, Jackie Gleason, Rowan & Martin…heck, even Red Skelton…I always thought ole Jer was an worthless idiot. But I guess I grew into him…and don’t a bad word to say about the guy. Especially love his novelty song 45s…but take a look at the TV Guide cover on the left…talk about “couldn’t do that today”…I mean, he’s really biting…that’s actual skin between his teeth…ay caramba!

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