Stolf’s Blog 9/17/2011

You like baseball? Read this article…I agree 100%. Smashmouth baseball? Nope, just mind games and putting the team first. And check out Mattingly…the word certainly is “apoplectic”…

And speaking of which…real math goes a long way in baseball. For example, the Red Sox started a 4 game series Thursday with the Rays, leading them by 4 for the wild card. If the Rays were to sweep, they’d be tied…but if they take 3 of 4, they only gain 2 games. Which means, even if you’re slumping, it’s good to be the one in front…

B*A*K*E*R*S   D*O*Z*E*N

(1) Which takes more courage: having plastic surgery, or not having it?

(2) If somebody tells you to go pound sand,
don’t be offended…try it…it’s kinda fun, actually.

(3) Oscar Wilde: Nowadays, people know the price of everything & the value of nothing.

(4) Remember the advice column Joe the Bartender read in the American Scene
Magazine on the Jackie Gleason show?…it was called Dear Miss Barefax

(5) …and he’d stick his thumb in Mr. Dennehy’s beer so it wouldn’t foam
over…one time he said: Well, the knuckle gets a little brittle now and then…

(6) Never forget: there’s a very fine line between flattery and envy…

(7) Dick “The Monster” Radatz…3-sport star in high school…went to Michigan
State on a basketball ticket, resumed baseball in his junior year at the urging
of his roommate, future Major Leaguer Ron Perranoski…love this picture…

(8) Virginia Woolf: Women are like looking glasses, with the
magical power to reflect a man at twice his natural size…

(9) Useless word of the day: haptic…it refers to the sense of touch…use tactile.

(10) Do yourself a favor…at the very least, you’ll be setting a good example!

(11) Humorist Josh Billings: Listen to both sides, and believe neither…

(12) Henry Kissinger once reflected: A lot of people tell me I look like Henry Kissinger.

(13) OK, maybe sometimes I’ll full of crap…but the
way I look at it, it’s gotta go somewhere, right?…


Eat your what again? The flavors are “green apple” and “orange sherbet”…I can live with that. Remember slab-o-baloney bubble gum?

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