Stolf’s Blog 9/23/2011

B*A*K*E*R*S   D*O*Z*E*N

(1)  »  »   Seven Magic Words: Don’t talk about it, just do it… «  «

(2) …OK…I admit it…that’s a lesson I need to learn…
so the next time I see Yoda, I’m gonna punch him in the face!

(3) Old home remedy for a teething baby…let it chew on a frozen
washcloth…sounds like Cool Daddy at his last job interview…

(4) You Might Be a Baby Boomer If…you miss a call,
and your motto is: If it’s important, they’ll call back…

(5) I suppose it’s wonderful to have 1000 Facebook
friends…but a good “core” is best, IMHO…

(6) Herman Melville: It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation…

(7) Confidence is funny…pretending you have it is pretty much the same as having it.

(8) One of my all-time favorites: We are all vain by nature, and modest by necessity…

(9) How come whenever I’m pre-qualified or pre-approved I end up with pre-nothing?

(10) I guess publicity works…that movie Moneyball opens Friday, but it seems like
its been around forever…some one asked, is Billy Beane, Oakland General Manager,
gay?…nope…there was a player a few years after him, Bill Bean, who did come out…

(11) …altho some A’s fans would tell you some of his trades were pretty gay…;) 😉

(12) Tom “Ziggy” Wilson: I would enjoy the day more if it didn’t start so early…

(13) H. L. Mencken defined “truth” as: Something somehow discreditable to someone.


A book about all the stuff Sarah Palin did in college? Big whup…everybody did stuff when they were in college…well, except for me…but sometimes it seems that’s the point of it. It certainly can’t be what you learn, which seems to be less and less as years roll on. Someone with a business told me, they used to come out of college pretty much ready to go…now its on the job training for years…

But maybe it’s always been that way…the old line goes: The reason a college is such a vast storehouse of knowledge is that the freshmen bring in so much, and the seniors take out so little. Still, if any of this stuff were really true about Sarah, how did she got elected mayor, then governor? Maybe voters just said: We all did stuff, and still do, for that matter…move on…and grow up…

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