Stolf’s Blog 9/28/2011

Yeah, very often the Elias Sports Bureau takes “trivial,” in its original meaning, to new heights. But as a big fan of batter’s strikeouts, I did really like seeing this one. They say the most strikeouts over hits ever is Mark Reynolds from last year: 112 more K’s (211) than hits (99). Adam “Dunn and done” is 4 shy…174 K’s minus 66 hits…for a 108 differential…awesome!

And from the Don’t Know My Own Strength Dept….I’m big into old-school technology, still have a cassette-player in my car and I love making mix tapes (got a few of them? um, yup.) So anyway, I’m driving along, and hear “Roll Away the Stone” by Mott the Hoople. Great rock and roll from the glam ‘n’ glitter era. I recall how Leon Russell did a different song, different style obviously, with the same title. And what do you think comes up next on my tape? Sweeeeeeet!

B*A*K*E*R*S   D*O*Z*E*N

(1) »»»»  Oldie but goodie from my Dad: To not decide is to decide… ««««

(2) Nice to know I’m not poor, just experiencing a “reverse wealth effect”…

(3) After a lifetime of watching football, I still don’t really understand it…like, I wonder
why not sumo wrestlers for the front line…they are athletes after all, despite their bulk…

(4) Ever heard women in general called the “distaff side”…it’s actually a part
on a spinning wheel..and it’s opposite, men in general, is the “spear side”…

(5) Early 1970s, Jack Benny quipped: I see where in England they’ve made my walk legal…

(6) …and talk about cheap? The tour-bus driver says: “And on your right is the
home of Jack Benny”…and Jack says: “Excuse me, driver, this is where I get off…”

(7) Julia Ward Howe said: Marriage, like death, is a debt we owe to Nature.

(8) Even at an advanced age, things you used to say as a kid can
still delight you…I’m thinking for example of “hook, line, and stinker“…

(9) …or quoting Popeye from his “Ali Baba” cartoon: Open, sez me!

(10) You Might Be a Baby Boomer If…you remember when a baseball team would
have just a couple guys on the DL the whole season…not half the team all at once!…

(11) …and you remember when a relief pitcher was called a “fireman”…

(12) The irony of life is that sometimes you have to let go and hold on at the same time.

(13) Unlike say a Brooks Robinson, Detroit Tiger Gates Brown’s name is actually
William…he said his mother nicknamed him “Gates,” and he never knew why…


You wonder why nobody ever thought of this before…or maybe they did…nothing new under the sun, right? They say he’s got this rigged so that it makes almost no sound…all you see is a guy floating silently down the street…nice!

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