Stolf’s Blog 10/10/2011

What you see should be what you get.

This was the impetus for using instant replay to review calls in football. What the viewer saw on the screen simply was’t what determined the outcome of the game. They were telling us: What you just saw didn’t really happen…accept it and move on. Have a nice game. It was a perfect example of that old Groucho Marx line: “What are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?” And that was nothing if not a crisis of integrity. Football did the only thing it could do. Is it perfect? Of course not, witness the infamous catch/no catch in the Bills recent loss to the Bengals. They’ll be talking about that even if the Bills win the Super Bowl 45-0.

But what choice did they have? And what choice does Baseball have…they think they can hold their breath for another 10 years? Good luck with that. Those faces are looking awfully blue to me…won’t be long now. It’s the same crisis of integrity Football faced…not only the replays, but the pitch location technology, and who-knows-what down the line. Reviewing home runs is a start, but only baby steps…baseball will run with this, believe me.

Yes, I know…the “human element” is part of the game. But the game changes, it always has…what do you think our parents’ generation thought of batting gloves, free agency, the designated hitter, playoffs, inter-league play, not to mention sideburns and mustaches? Comes to that, take another look at Babe Ruth’s glove

B*A*K*E*R*S   D*O*Z*E*N

(1) Every family has a weird Uncle Larry…you don’t?…you want ours?…

(2) Oldie but goodie: Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies…

(3) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mission statement? Check with Padre Francisco…

(4) A. Lincoln: Prohibition goes beyond the bounds of reason
in that it makes a crime out of things that are not even crimes.

(5) Everybody’s a little dyslexic…take Sheriff Brody’s wife from Jaws…
Lorraine Gray? Nope, her last name is Gary…see what I mean?…

(6) »  »  »   The ideal profession…door-to-door hammock tester… «  «  «

(7) Ever notice how often people call something “unacceptable”…yet do
nothing at all but accept it?…talk is cheap…and so is condemnation, it seems.

(8) All-time great horror movie trailer…Dementia 13check it out here…you
have to take a test to get in?…In this old castle, death is the youngest thing alive!

(9) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Unicorn poop….who knew?…..

(10) Cool Daddy’s motto is Carpe Diem…or as he puts it “Seize the fish”…

(11) History lesson: Of the 8 original members of the American Football League,
the Buffalo Bills were the last to be shut-out, when Boston beat them in game 3
of the 1967 season 23-0…the other 7 teams had all suffered a shut-out by 1963…

(12) Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration…
may contain sunflower oil, palm oil, and/or sesame seed oil…

(13) They make the perfect couple…they have so much in common…
Embarrassing Facebook Postings versus Humiliating Youtube Video…


Some people collect stuff from McDonald’s…and not just Happy Meal knick-knacks, but other stuff…cups, napkins, etc. Me, not so much, altho I am a “collector”…in some cases more like an “accumulator.” A while back I showed a Super Size fries container I saved when they were phasing it out…I mentioned I had some “coke spoons,” but couldn’t lay my hands on them. Still, no matter how much junk you have, when you live in a small house…eventually….

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