Stolf’s Bog 11/21/2011

Verrrrrrrrry interesting! First some scientists find that something (in this case neutrinos) actually can travel faster than the speed of light, upsetting an assumption of modern physics that has endured for more than a century. Now a second lab has confirmed it. Many more experiments to come…but some thoughts…

(1) I’ve always doubted that there could be an upper limit for “speed”…change of position…in general. It simply doesn’t make sense. What scientists do is this: if they get experimental results that don’t make sense, they warp their view of reality to fit those results. In the case of an upper limit on speed, how could that possibly be? JUST GO FASTER! So the warp they decided upon is this: as you try to go faster, as you approach the speed of light, 99% of it, 99.9%, 99.99% etc, the more energy you expend, the slower your acceleration proceeds…not because you yourself are not accelerating, but because time itself is slowing down…so that you can accelerate in theory forever, but never each the golden speed of light…in fact, the equations say, once you “reach” it, time has come to a stop, so you aren’t actually “doing” anything anymore.

I know, it’s hard to explain because it sounds so crazy…and it is crazy. The rational approach, when your findings  don’t make sense, is not to warp reality to fit them, but to accept you have made some sort of error, and go back and examine each and every procedure, assumption, observation, and calculation. Found nothing wrong? Do it again, and again. The mistake may be extremely subtle and difficult to find…but it must be there…you “proved” it by getting that crazy result, you knuckle-head!

(2) And as a matter of actual fact, it has long been known that some things can travel faster than light…the dodge they use is to say that “information cannot be transmitted” faster than light-speed, which essentially makes it a moot point for any practical applications. But again, that makes no sense…if something is traveling faster than light, it can stop doing so, then start again, etc. All you need to transmit information is 2 different distinguishable states…in this case…faster than light and not faster than light. So again, chalk one up for the eggheads, who can’t see the nose in front of their face!

(3) Anyway, from a personal point of view…revenge may be a dish best served cold…but vindication can be nuked in the microwave…and it’s delicious!

B*A*K*E*R*S  D*O*Z*E*N

(1) The nudniks of academia define a “crank” as a skeptic who speaks out…
well guess what…welcome to Revenge of the Cranks!(maniacal laughter!)

(2) >>> Each new day is a blank slate…SNAP!!…my chalk just broke… <<<

(3) Who was the tallest midget in history?…or the shortest non-midget?

(4) I find myself saying things older folks used to say when I was younger,
like: “Mr. Myname is my father!”…on the other hand, respect is nice, nez pah?

(5) To “butcher” a quote is to get it all wrong…I butcher quotes on purpose, pretending
I can’t remember them exactly, to make them sound better to me…it’s my blog, you see…

(6) …thus H. L. Mencken said something like: Unsuccessful candidates for the
presidency ought to be quietly hanged, as a matter of public sanitation and decorum.

(7) The custom of lighting houses and trees at Christmas time comes from the idea
that days are getting shorter, so we must light things up ourselves, until they get longer.

(8) Just call me the Big Bad Wolf…I huffed & I puffed & I finally got up the stairs!

(9) Living in Upstate NY: 10 degrees is “chilly”…55 degrees is “shorts weather”…

(10) The idea behind ascribing human thoughts and emotions to
animals is reasonable enough: we then think we can predict what
they’re going to do…it’s completely wrong of course, but there you go.

(11) They say a child is 3 times more likely to be hit by lightening than to be shot by
a classmate…so which of these 2 terrible outcomes do we guard against?…weird…

(12) B. Franklin: Anger is seldom without reason, but often without a good one…

(13) They keep saying Occupy Wall Street has no goals…that’s not the right way to
look at it…does a party have to have a goal?…a picnic?…another Woodstock?…duh…


Yes, they actually make these NFL Logo Toasters…available on for instance, and all teams are available…I dunno…you’re just gonna eat it anyway…and is it kosher to spread anything besides cheese on the Packers?…LOL…

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