Stolf’s Blog 1/8/2012

B*A*K*E*R*S   D*O*Z*E*N

(1) The latest meat substitute is called “Quorn”…I know, it sounds like corn…
but it’s actually made from vat-grown fungus…well, like mushrooms sort of…

(2) …so don’t let “mycoprotein” fool you…myco = fungus…at least they kept
the U and didn’t call in “Qorn”…wasn’t he on Star Trek: The Next Generation?

(3)  What guys know but would never tell women cuz they’d never
believe it: Wedding plans just somehow take care of themselves…

(4) Lao Tzu: Anticipate the difficult by managing what’s easy…

(5) …he also said: Be the chief but never the lord….
and also, a bit cryptically…The world is beyond the winning.

(6) Oliver Wendell Holmes: I define “old age” as 15 years older than I am…

(7) > > >  It’s the little things in life…like that New Year smell…  < < <

(8) Here’s a tune no “Oldies” station in the world would play…and yet…

(9) …and if you’re not “exhausted from the
rigors of our last adventure,” check this out

(10) So how do they know when a meteorologist isn’t doing a good job?…

(11)  Faux no mo’…fictional paper company Dunder Mifflin will soon be
available, made by an on-line subsidiary of Staples……seriously…

(12)  I Wish That They’d Invent…dump-trucks that can, and do, go really fast!

(13) Kurt Vonnegut: True terror consists of waking up one morning
and realizing that your high school class is running the country…


Teh Kitti strikes agin!!!!

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