Stolf’s Blog 1/10/2012

B*A*K*E*R*S  D*O*Z*E*N

(1) From the Baby Boomer Kitchen..when did food for us “jump the
shark”?…in the 1980s, when beef fat was replaced by vegetable oil…

(2) …altho our parents’ generation might say the same thing
about the 1950s, when salt was added to potato chips…

(3) Wonderful quote from Confidential magazine, November, 1962:
“Raul Castro: Would Cuba’s #2 Boy Rather be a Girl?”…holy crap!

(4)  “Equal opportunity” refers to the starting gate, not the finish line…

(5) Talk about being conflicted..Cool Daddy’s
having deja vu and amnesia at the same time…

(6) What did Pat Nixon and Trixie Norton have in common?…both had
the same first name: Thelma…(Lady Bird Johnson was Claudia…)

(7) Watching the football playoffs…THAT’S NOT A TOUCHDOWN!!!…
why don’t they just change the name from Football to Pylonball?…

(8) My insomnia was so bad, I couldn’t even sleep at work…sheesh!…

(9) I was fast-forwarding a video-tape, and the closed-captioning tried
to keep up…it said: Srertagg Yotwein…and that’s Cool Daddy’s accountant…

(10) The Pee Wee’s Playhouse theme?…it’s credited as sung by
Ellen Shaw, but that’s a pseudonym for Cyndi Lauper…really…

(11) It was once said: The real hell of life is that everyone has his reasons.

(12) Rita Rudner admitted: I can’t bear to take the Xmas
lights down…they look so good on the Jack O’Lanterns…

(13) Ya can’t win for losin’…every time I try to write “sheesh”…
my spell-checker changes it to “shish”…but forgets to add “kebab”…


I wonder if anyone ever buys this, opens the package, and says: Wait a minute! These are prunes!!! …BTW, they say “Dietary Fiber” to distinguish it from other types of fiber, like a an old dish-cloth or a piece of wood. I guess we anti-BS’ers ought to be glad they aren’t calling it “fibre”… 😉 😉

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