Stolf’s Blog 1/13/2012

I’ve always loved math, and use it all the time, without tears. But I can see how some people might have trouble with math, because oddly enough, some things that seen quite simple are actually…not what they seem. Say for example there’s a family that has a kid every 2 years. The oldest is 11. That would mean that 2×6=11…since there are 6 kids, ages 1,3,5,7,9,11.

But hold on, you say…the oldest is only 10 years older than the youngest. Well, that’s right. So its 2×6=10…sorry.

Yeah, it sounds like an Abbott & Costello routine, but it’s what I call the Bookend Effect…in this case, the 2 refers to 2-year intervals between children, and with 6 children, there are indeed only 5 such intervals…between the 1st & 2nd child, 2nd & 3rd, 3rd & 4th, 4th & 5th, 5th & 6th…and 5 2-year intervals makes 10 years…2×5=10. So yes, given children arrive at 2-year intervals, it takes 10 years to have 6 kids, strange as it sounds.
Or consider pills…say you have to take a pill every 2 days…and you’re given 3 pills on Monday…you will run out on Friday, which is not after 2×3=6 days, but after only 5 days. Altho, of course, even tho you run out in 5 days, Friday is only 4 days after Monday…since Tuesday is only 1 day after Monday, right? 😉 😉

B*A*K*E*R*S  D*O*Z*E*N

(1) It’s easier to discover what you believe, if you try writing it down…

(2) Ralph Waldo Emerson: Without a doubt,
the truth is beautiful…but then so are lies…

(3) …but truth bears weight…which is why so few care to carry it.

(4) I don’t need to approve of another’s religious beliefs…
nor do I need to join in his practices…but I will also
not ridicule them…unless he does mine…then look out!

(5) …which is why I find people poking fun at Tim Tebow
a sad and surprising turn of events…are YOU next?…

(6) How close did George Romney, Mitt’s dad, come to being
President?…not very…favored by many GOP leaders over Nixon,
he declared in November, 1967…but he was inept on the stump,
and after several gaffs, withdrew on Feb 28, 1968, 2 weeks before
the NH primary…he finished 5th with 2% of the vote, to Nixon’s 78%.

(7) …at the convention, he was placed in nomination for
Vice President by NYC Mayor John Lindsay, but lost to
Nixon’s choice of Spiro Agnew by a vote of 1119 to 186…

(8) Cool Daddy versus Lucky Charms…You idiot Leprechaun, I just
want the marshmallows!…altho in the industry they’re called “marbits”…

(9) What we do for ourself, dies when we do…not so what we do for others.

(10) Mark Twain: I couldn’t attend the funeral,
but I sent a nice note saying that I approved of it…

(11) …he also opined that his principles were higher than those
of George Washington: He couldn’t tell I lie…I can, but won’t…

(12) You Might Be a Baby Boomer If…you remember what a cool place Sweden
seemed to be in the 60s…with meatballs & sweaters, little cigars and big blondes…

(13) After 6 years in the Dodger organization, manager Don Mattingly’s
son Preston became a minor league free agent…signed with Yankees…
only 25 homers in 493 games, batting just .232…Sorry, Son…you suck…


Sure, some people like the squishy brownies from the middle of the pan…but others fight over the edge pieces…so with the pan on the left, everybody gets an edge…altho some get 1, some get 2, and there are even 2 coveted pieces with 3 edges! So you can go all the way, with the pan on the right, where everybody gets 4 edges…you pour in the batter then set the dividers. But are divider-edges the same as pan-edges? Probably, but I’d like to see it…or taste it…for myself, if it’s all the same to you… 😉 😉

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