Stolf’s Blog 1/25/2012

B*A*K*E*R*S   D*O*Z*E*N

(1) The lady on the radio commercial said: Are you
looking for love?…and I thought: Parts of me are, yeah…

(2) Do clothes make the man?…in Sunday’s AFC championship game,
the Patriots wore football uniforms…the Ravens, pajamas…so you tell me…

(3) New owner of the Houston Astros says when they move to
the American League in 2013, they might have a new nickname…
makes sense…they haven’t played in the Astrodome since 1999…

(4) …altho when they switched from Colt .45s to Astros in 1965,
many fans really hated it…so maybe something with guns again?…

(5) …not for nothing, but the minor league Houston team, from
1903-1961, was always called the Buffaloes or Buffs for short…

(6) Speaking of sports, worst ice hockey loss I can find is in a 1998
Asia-Oceania amateur tournament…South Korea beat Thailand 92-0.

(7) …honorable mention to the Bulgarian women, who in the 2008 Olympic
qualifying tournament, lost to Slovakia 82-0…in their 3 games, they
were outscored 153-1…that one goal was called “The Miracle on Ice II”…

(8) Moshe Dayan: I have only one eye…should I watch the road or the speedometer?

(9)  Mark Twain: Courage is not absence of fear, but mastery of it…

(10) Joan Davis was a top comedic actress in the 1930s and 40s,
ending up on the TV sitcom I Married Joan from 1952-55…she was
born Madonna Josephine Davis…so yeah, there was another one…

(11) SoftSoap liquid soap makes a flavor/fragrance called
“Crisp Cucumber and Mellon”…um, crisp soap?…for real?…

(12) Cool Daddy’s first trip to New York City…but he didn’t visit the
Statue of Liberty…he says he gets winded climbing a flight of stairs…

(13)  I wanted to grow old with you, but it’s not working out…you keep me young…


As far as I can determine, there is a major disconnect between Indian activists and plain old Indians…the latter have no problem with Indian sports nicknames and logos, no more than the Irish have with the Boston Celtics…or for that matter, any American would have with the nickname “Americans.” In fact, it’s a peculiar thing that banning Indian-related nicknames on the grounds that they’re disrespectful would yield the same result as if they were banned because some prejudiced group didn’t think Indians were worthy of such an honor…or even of being mentioned in polite company…I’m just sayin’…

Anyhow, the Cleveland baseball team was named in honor of player and manager Nap Lajoie, altho when he was with them, they were called the Naps…their previous name had been the Bluebirds. Above shows the original logo and the revised one, still used today…altho in 1967, the Summer of Love, things got a little crazy…thank you George Harrison and Ravi Shankar… 😉 😉

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