stolf’s blog 8/6/2012

Here’s an interesting item….according to one mathematician’s study, the more outrageous and unconvincing those Nigerian Internet Scams are, more likely they are to be successful. Sounds backwards doesn’t it, but here’s how it works. By successful we mean the biggest bang for the scammer’s buck…the biggest payoff with the least amount of work. The one thing a scammer doesn’t want to do is spend time and effort trying to convince suspicious and skeptical marks, because that virtually never works. So those doubting Thomases are weeded out by the outlandish claims and promises. The only ones that “get thru” are the hardcore suckers, the pie-in-the-sky dreamers, the inveterate dummies.

These absurd schemes are aimed at hooking only the exceptionality gullible…and everybody else gets screened out. In other words, any one dumb enough to answer these phony pitches is dumb enough to get taken….those who are “almost dumb enough” aren’t worth the scammer’s time, and are in fact considered spam by them. And it turns out, the crazier the claims, the fewer “false positives” respond, which is just the way the scammer likes it…it only takes one moron with 100 grand lying around to make the con worthwhile.

And that’s why those email solicitations are so obviously bogus…they’re obviously bogus to you…but not to those precious few who are the scammer’s true target. They’re made that way on purpose so you won’t answer them…the scammer wants 10 responses, not 10,000…get it?

B*A*K*E*R*S   D*O*Z*E*N

(1)  The internet sure has changed things… “congratulations” now
means “you haven’t really won anything…we’re wasting your time…”

(2)  You hear a lot about “drama queens” these days…but there are plenty of
kings, princes, and princesses…I’ve been known to be an arch-duke on occasion…

(3)  Can a single anniversary cover more than one year?…like the 150th
Anniversary of the Civil War lasting from 2011 thru 2015?…I would have
thought anniversaries go single year to single year, but I could be wrong…

(4)  Funny exchange between gangster James Garner & his
bodyguard Alex Karras, from the movie “Victor Victoria”…Garner:
Stick around, I might want to play some golf
….Karras: Boss,
it’s snowing outside…Garner: We’ll use red balls…

(5)  2 of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels perhaps you never heard of…
actually, You Asked For It is the 1st US edition of Casino Royale in 1953…
Too Hot to Handle is 1955’s Moonraker…the publisher thought these
would be more appealing to American paperback readers, but the titles
reverted to the British originals with subsequent printings…

(6)  …and here’s the origin of 007…it was the “signature” of John Dee,
astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I in the late 1500s…the 2 circles
literally meant “for your eyes only”…guarded by a lucky number 7…

(7)  True fact: In London there are over 140 pairs of subway stations
that are actually closer timewise by foot than by train…duh and crikey

(8) Words to live by: If you don’t understand what’s going on, keep your head down.

(9)  A small thing, but I’ve ditched my battery-powered wireless mouse for an old
USB one…going Green?…not as in Save the Planet…but as in Save the Money…

(10)  Ben Franklin: Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain…and most do.

(11)  The above popped up in my email recently…jeepers, which to look at first…??

(12)  It’s amazing how much you can get done when you’re
trying to avoid doing something else!
…I am reminded of this
the 1st Sunday of each month, when I…harrumph…pay my darn bills…

(13) …in case you’ve forgotten, harrumph is the sound of clearing one’s throat…


This was a recent promotion in Australia…find a bag of M+M’s without their shells and win…or something along those lines…it’s what they call down under “in the nick” or “nicki-noo”…


I was at YouTube…looking for that scene from  The Big Sleep  where Bogey as Philip Marlowe, when asked by The General if he’d met his younger daughter, said: She tried to sit in my lap while I was standing up. This is actually what happened in the previous scene, with Martha Vickers feigning a collapse and landing in Bogey’s arms. Maybe it’s just me, but I always detected a double-entendre of sorts…imagine if he was sitting down, and she, a grown woman…well…just imagine…

Anyway, I found a video review of this movie, and other great old flicks too, by this young English model and aspiring actress. All American men go gaga over a women with a Brit accent…makes no sense, really, but there you are. Still, this redhead had quite a charming way about her…I would even be tempted to try friending her on Facebook if she didn’t already have over a thousand. But keep an eye out for big things from Jessica Kellgren-Hayes…and yes, that jersey really was the capper…

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