More For Gentlemen of a Certain Age



The paperback on the left came out in 1960…new decade, same livid illustrations. Anybody’s? Well, 4 years later, and now costing 60¢, they decided to drive the point home…on the right. Guess I’m old-fashioned, but I still think a little “man-woman love” goes a long way…but it lead to…


…the read on the left…from the “Don’t You Just Hate When That Happens?” Collection.  Please try not to notice that the blonde looks disturbingly like one of your sister’s mod paper-dolls. Heck, maybe the same guy drew both. Anyhow, got anything left over from the 1950s? Maybe from the “My Name Really Is Orrie Hitt” Collection? Yes? Bless you…here’s 40¢…keep the change.


Now this deal on the left…what an image! The boss said, no ass-cracks…just following orders. On the right, a poster from a 1957 movie that supposedly featured the silver screen’s first interracial kiss. It’s a soap opera with political overtones, set on a Caribbean island where the most popular physical activity is writhing…after a while, you apparently get pretty good at it.


And what was I reading at the time? Don’t ask…guess I was no gentleman…

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