For Gentlemen of a Certain Age, Part III


Not surprisingly, there are people who collect and study sleazy packerbacks. And they’ve discovered that Orrie Hitt was a real person. He lived in Orange County, NY, down by the border with Pennsylvania, and died in 1975 at age 59. He wrote over 150 “adult” paperbacks, enough to put 4 children thru college. What distinguished him from the average hack was his research and attention to detail. In fact, one commentator claimed, incorrectly of course, that only one of the many Lesbian paperbacks of the period was written by a real Lesbian, who used “Orrie Hitt” as an alias! The book above right is one of his most sought after, because of the goofy cover…the curled foot…the volley-ball bosom.


It calls to mind the equally daffy album cover above left…Julio Cesar Bovea was a Colombian musician, and on the right is one of his American releases. The pose is what I called “fake-ed”…rhymes with “naked”…arms and legs positioned so that it looks like she’s got nothing on, but you really can’t be sure. In this case, it appears they had cold feet and airbrushed in parts that suggest clothing.

Now the inspiration for these “Gentlemen”  posts is something that happened to me what I was 10 or 11 years old, an incident seared into my memory with fearsome clarity.  The family had just entered a drugstore, and I came face to face with a paperback book rack…and a cover illustration of a seated lady, naked, from the back. My mother grabbed me by the shoulders and quickly steered me in a safer direction…but, well, “damage done” as they say! Would I recognize that same cover if I saw it again these 50 years later? I’d like to think so…the Orrie Hitt below left comes close, but I don’t believe that’s it, not that I’m complaining or anything.


Needless to say, my parents were also able to keep me completely in the dark about the existence of Vikki Dougan, a model and actress known as “The Back.” The photo above right shows you why…one of her signature outfits. Yes, she went around in public like that. Her story was: “I’m not busty, so what’s a girl to do?” Oddly enough, she doesn’t appear to have had many imitators.  Still, her fame was such that the Limeliters folk group released a song about her…”Vikki Dougan, Please Turn Your Back on Me”…


I leave you for now with a thought: and it has something to do with short shorts…and the wisdom of recycling old calendars…

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One Response to For Gentlemen of a Certain Age, Part III

  1. Charlie Lawrence says:

    Keep em coming Stolf!

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