Gentlemen of a Certain Age….rides again!


1 bax
The whole idea behind this series of blog posts is that in the good old days, sexy didn’t have to be explicit…and certainly not to the gynecological lengths they go to today. And let’s face it: a bare back was “safer” than a bare front…hence the 2 different approaches to the same basic motif, above…

“Sexy Fraud”…that didn’t mean she was one of those transamacallits? No, not back when paperbacks cost 60¢ it sure didn’t.  Whereas “Nude in the Mirror” was actually a magic mirror…it made you look vaguely like Marilyn…plus it put a guy in there looking out when there wasn’t one looking in…neat trick.

2 fake

These next 2 above are fakes…they were on the front of a Sixties men’s magazine called Man’s Daring…the idea was that each month they’d print part of a paperback novel…except the story was written just for the mag…there was no real paperback…the title and book cover were complete fabrications…sneaky…but nifty, no? 

3 j gozz

These above are fakes as well…but of a different kind…they are actually movie props. The plot of the 2005 comedy-mystery “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” involved a movie being made based on an imaginary pulp hero.  But for a real look of authenticity, they got the legendary Richard McGinnis, illustrator of over 1200 paperbacks and some of the most iconic movie posters of the Sixties, including Barbarella, Casino Royale, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Live and Let Die, and many others…sweet.

4 dupe 1

Reruns? On paperback covers? Say it isn’t so…except obviously it is so, as you can see…I believe this or these are McGinnis again…

5 upe 2

Then again, I’m not sure I’d squawk if every paperback ever published had this cover…yeah, even Chess in a Nutshell…

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One Response to Gentlemen of a Certain Age….rides again!

  1. Jmichaeln says:

    Totally agree with the “whole idea” stmt. McGuinness still in business (hardback version of Steven King’s Joyland the latest). Thanks for these posts. Wasn’t around of these but appreciate them these past few years especially Mike Shayne & Shel Scott

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