Gentlemen of a Certain Age, Part 6

1We begin with another Classic Back…plus a movie fake leftover from last time. It’s certainly a happy coincidence for hard-boiled wordsmiths that there are so many words that rhyme with “eye” (as in private eye) and “die”…then, as the secret agent fad came along, “spy.” I’m thinking of movies like Come Spy With Me…Kiss the Girls and Make Them DieMan on the Spying Trapeze (honestly!) and Spylarks.  It’s a pity they never got around to My Way or the Spyway…

2Switch-hitting? Swapping? I guess those pastimes go by other names these days…but some things never go out of style, if you catch my drift, and I think you do. 

3My theory is that when a guy hits puberty, the “look” that’s current sticks with him for the duration. Thus the picture of Stella Stevens on the left just kills me, with that Marilyn-eque hairdo. Her coif would evolve with the times,  but it was never quite the same. Still, even today, bangs rock my world.

4Along the same lines, I’ve always had a thing for vintage cowgirls…well, most of them anyway…something’s not quite right about Nude Ranch Nymphs…altho Tex there seems to be enjoying himself…to each his own, sez me.


Now when you live with something your whole life, it doesn’t sound strange to you. People in the South shop at a Piggly Wiggly supermarket and never give it a second thought. To me, that sounds like Dinky Doo Fine Jewelry and Timepieces  — New York — Paris — London. Similarly, growing up in Indiana meant Chesty food products seemed normal…but gosh, what the heck kind of a brand name is that? And to drive the point home, a little boy’s chest puffed out? Contrast that with Tempest Storm and hers…Gentlemen of a Certain Age will recall what she did for a living.

BTW, they did make the original Ruffles potato chips. The brand was sold to Fritos in 1958, and they merged with Lays in 1961. 

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