From a Gentleman of a Certain Age’s LP Shelf…



A sexy lady on the cover of a cheap paperback book suggests sexy goings-on between the covers. On the other hand, a cute dame on an album cover promises what? It’s just music….I mean, what’s really sexy about Martin Denny, Ray Conniff, or Percy Faith, in the final analysis? Still, it was a universal trope from the 1950s thru the 1970s, and I for one have no complaints. 


And it was all in how you presented it. Above left, remember butterfly chairs? I’ve reversed the image of the Blue Strings cover so the models are facing each other…and even tho one is “showing something” and the other demurely covering up…which is sexier? To me, David Rose wins hands down…the smile, the hair…wow. 

 gone nuts

Of course collectors avidly snap up such “cheesecake” covers, and the one above left is a must-have…the word “paroxysm” springs to mind…sure looks like something’s about to pop. On the right, another lady losing her mind, with just a hint of bosom at the bottom. Were you sufficiently distracted to have missed that there’s something definitely wrong with that stethoscope? Well, it is stereo after all…


The Tijuana Brass’ “A Taste of Honey” from 1965 is a classic of the genre…learn more here and here. Everybody seems to remember where they were when they first saw it. But am I the only one to have noticed that every compositional element is lifted from George Shearing’s cover from 1961? Front, back, right, left, it’s the same thing only different. And yeah, I guess I’m definitely a “back man”…

 walk dog

But also a “leg man” and proud of it…aye chihuahua…time to walk the um, what were we talking about?…


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