Stolf’s Blog 10/26/2010


LeonardWatch…Brian spent week 7 on the inactive list…thigh injury…no reps in practice last week, no action Sunday…

Other local pro sports…In their 2nd and last exhibition game Sunday, the Federal Hockey League’s Thousand Islands Privateers lost to the Akwesasne Warriors 2-1. Regular season opener is Friday at 7pm, at the Bonnie Castle recreation center. Tickets are $9, active military $8, seniors and kids $6.50. BTW, privateers were private ships authorized by a government to attack and loot enemy ships during times of war…the practice existed from the 1500s-1800s. During the Revolutionary War, about 50-thousand men served on American privateers, as there were few officially commissioned Navy vessels.

B*A*K*E*R*S  D*O*Z*E*N

(1) The figures I’ve seen put Hallowe’en #1 in holiday candy sales, followed by Easter,
Christmas, and Valentines…Hallowe’en is almost more than Easter & Valentines combined.

(2) Battling proverbs: “Laugh and the world laughs with you;
cry and you cry alone”…compare with…”Misery love company.”

(3) Everybody takes a book to the beach…Cool Daddy’s wife takes a phone book.

(4) Pumpkins will always be pumpkins…the white “ghost” pumpkins will come & go,
but interestingly, farmers are selling more “ugly” pumpkins, misshapen, with warts.

(5) We all have silly things from our youth that still make us laugh…
friend of mine’s favorite group was Gary Union and the Puckered Gap…

(6) Today Mazda is a car, but in 1909, GE named it’s best light-bulb Mazda, supposedly
after the Persian god of light…ads showed the Sun eyeing the bulb as “his only rival.”

(7) Old age is when you know all the answers, and nobody ever asks you anything.

(8) The best way to enjoy a vegetable garden is to live next door to one, and cultivate your neighbor.

(9 ) …which reminds me, the easiest way to tell your plants from
weeds is to pull them all…the ones that come back are the weeds.

(10) Ambrose Bierce defined a “rebel” as:
a proponent of a new misrule who has failed to establish it.

(11) Sure I talk to myself a lot…you’d be surprised how much you can pick up that way.

(12) The left-field novel “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” has spawned
“Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters,” “Little Women and Werewolves,”
even “Jane Slayre.” Now PP&Z, is being made into a movie…OK, fine…

13) …and don’t forget “Jane Austen’s Fight Club” on YouTube….


When you order fried clams in New England, you’ll get full-bellied or “native” clams, seen on the left. They come from soft-shell clams. Everywhere else in the country, its clam-strips, sliced from hard-shell clams, on the right. The strips are the kind I grew up with, mostly eating at Howard Johnson’s, and it turns out a guy named Thomas Soffron of Ipswich, Mass. invented the clam-strips around 1930, sold them to Hojo’s, and thus this type became popular across the country. Those Mrs. Paul’s clam sticks Mom would make along with fish sticks? They tasted funny to me, rather not think about it…

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